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Hello -

I have created four Storyline courses so far for the company I am working for. I have a new Storyline course they want me to create which is for a custom ordering system for managers to order computers, computer equipment, software, etc for employees. My manager doesn't want me to have a host (character) in the beginning of the slides and I am trying to come up with a creative way to present this content. 

The first part of the course describes what the software is, what you can order, how to find items, topics, etc. But the second part is scenarios with specific demonstrations of the system, whch I really like. I was looking for a theme and came up with a roadmap theme but my manager said that may be confusing with their travel order system. So I am at a loss...if anyone has any creative ideas or anything they've done they can share that is similar, that would be great. I don't want all of the courses I produce to look the same and have the same scenarios. Thanks!!

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Carlos Rubinstein

Hi Julie,

I did a course on information security some years back, and it had several scenarios. I sourced a vector illustration of a busy office with lots of desks, people coming and going, meetings, etc. Something like this (a comp from istockphoto)

The scenario module intro showed the whole office, and each scenario used a detail from the larger illustration to present its fact pattern.

Hope that helps,


Julie Strauss

Thank you both for the great ideas. A few questions:

PJ - How would I simulate an online chat tool? Maybe show a picture of a character and then have a caption with a question. Then show another character answering the question in the help desk. ?

Carlos -Did istock photo have good images for each scenario?

Thanks again!

Ashley Terwilliger

Thanks for chiming in PJ and Carlos! 

Julie - I just saw a nice template that had a similar chat set up in this thread.  You could remove the character icons, and just use the chat messages caption - even if you wanted make the colors look similar to iMessages on an iPhone/iPad or similar. The possibilities here are really endless... 

Carlos Rubinstein

Hi Julie,

The office image I got from iStockphoto in 2006/7, I couldn't find yesterday, but there are lots of places to get vector graphics like this; is one. (Disclaimer: I don't work for, or get paid by, any stock photo site.)

The point of using a vector graphic is that you can resize/crop it as much as you want, without losing quality. I was able to use a single graphic, and zoom into each part of the office to illustrate each part of the scenario. 

The chat idea is very cool; you could use layers that cover the base layer chat 'window', each layer adding to the chat stream.

Good luck, and please show us the results!