Ideas for displaying a large image with text

Sep 23, 2015

Hi guys,

Would appreciate some creative ideas for presenting an image with lots of text ( a conversation transcript), which the learner needs to read, then answer some quiz questions in the following slides.

Obviously the image doesn't fit into the screen so I thought of the following options:

 - use the zoom region and show the image in 2 "parts", each part zoomed in turn. In this case I'm not sure how the learner can control the timing of when they are finished reading the first part and want to move on to the next?

 - not use an image at all but rather a text box with the text in the image. In that case I'll need 2 slides, kinda lame.

There's got to be a better way! I tried to get the amount of text reduced but it's not going to happen.

Perhaps a lightbox effect?

Appreciate all the help!


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Brett Rockwood

If the text is the important part and you don't need the image itself you might try manually typing the text into a regular text box and then inserting that into a scrolling panel that the user can scroll through at their own pace. Then on your question slides just add a button to Lightbox the text slide so users can reference back to it if desired. (You can also put an image in a scrolling panel if its width fits. This allows you to scroll up and down on a tall thin image, like an infographic.)

Or maybe I'm misunderstanding what you're trying to do...

Walt Hamilton

Just a personal design preference here. That much text on one slide is not sound pedagogy. Much better is to break it up into several logical chunks placed on several slides with a click to advance trigger. With careful transitions and animations, it can appear that the text is moving, if you think changing slides is lame. Nancy Duarte says if a slide has more than 75 words, it is not a slide, but a document. I personally think the threshold is closer to 25 words. Crowded slides hamper, not help learning.


Maya Yifat

Thanks everyone for your insights! Very helpful. In this case the transcript wasn't that long so it made sense to use a scrolling panel and then Lightbox that slide in the quiz slides. I may encounter longer transcripts in the near future, in which case I will use the "resources" option.

Can I hijack my own thread to ask another question re "wordbank / fill in the blanks" quiesitons?

I have several interactions to do that are of "fill in the blanks" type. Some had just 2 missing words in 2 sentences, so I did that as a drag and drop.

I now have a very long sentence with 9 missing words, which the learner needs to select from the 16-word "bank". I'm doing that one as a drag and drop too, but thought that maybe you guys will have some better ideas for me? I haven't used all of SL's cool interaction types and maybe there's something that I'm missing? 

Again, appreciate the help! You guys are my only source of information :-)


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