Identification Questions!

Hello, my company is looking into making the transition into online course certification with the state of Louisiana but we've hit a major hurdle. The state requires that we ask a user 10 security questions, then during the exam randomly ask them 5 of these questions. If they answer wrong, they are locked from the test. It is a very similar setup to the discussion found here, but we have not even been able to find a method of adding functioning security questions into our setup! I am new to the world of LMS, xAPI, and so forth. I see in that prior discussion that LearnDash, Grassblade, and I assume Articulate are in use to make this happen. Is anyone willing to assist us in how to set up these security questions? We currently have LearnDash and I would be willing to purchase the remaining software if only I could be certain we could make it work. Thank you for your time!

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