Identify all "unassigned" in Storyline 360 v3.37.21453.0

Feb 20, 2020

Is there a way to print, view or list all the Unassigned variables within triggers in a project? In "cleaning up" my project I happened to "see" an unassigned variable and it got me wondering if I had other dangling unassigned's out there hidden in any layers or where ever.

I am stressing out now thinking about how much time it might potentially take to go through every slide and slide layer to see if there is a trigger out there that has an unassigned variable through changes made over the course of working with the file. I am debating publishing for review and waiting for someone to "find" one as they are testing it or just going through it before publishing.

Instead, I am reaching out to the community in the meantime while I switch gears to another project in hopes that there is a way to quickly identify them before I do either. 

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Erin Sadler

You can view the use count of variables - those with 0 are unassigned.

Or do you mean, identify triggers that don't have variables assigned to them? I'm assuming that, since it's the less obvious answer! I don't think there is a way - but if the trigger is required it won't work and should be identified in testing - if it's not required, then it won't matter if it doesn't work? I know that's not particularly tidy, though...

Melissa McDaniel

ooh, Thank you Erin, I didn't think about the zeros listed here; I will check that out and see if that will answer my question as a "one-stop shop" so to speak to find unassigned variables.  I forgot to include a screenshot of specifically where I was seeing the unassigned that made me think to ask this question but this was the "flag" that caught my eye: 


Erin Sadler

Yeah, that was my second guess - I don't think there's a way to identify those, other than seeing what doesn't work when you test it! Or scrolling through and keeping an eye out for red text.

The variable use count is just helpful for tidying up your vars list if you're a bit fussy like I am - it doesn't hurt to have unused ones in there, it's just a bit messy :)

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