Identifying Question Layout Objects--Not Working

Is there a way to add a text placeholder (I guess text; it's a module title) to a question layout without throwing off everything else? I had finally gotten my master to not use the full question as the slide title, and all was good. Now I need to add a module title to all masters, and in trying to do so, I have destroyed the whole layout. The labeled placeholders don't seem to be what they say they are (answer options aren't answers, question text isn't the question, etc). 

I've been trying to redo by trial and error (format/move placeholders, apply layout, reset--and then everything is in the wrong place--slide title is answer choices, etc).  I think I will try to get the old layout in, but I'm not sure how. 

The actual placeholders seem to be labeled wrong by default and there's always the issue of getting the question text to not be the slide title. Any advice for revising and working with question layouts would be greatly appreciated. 




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