Oct 08, 2015


I have a course created in Storyline 2 and the interaction requires users to hover over a money trail.

In my screenshots I have the same slide but they display differnt in different browsers - any idea why??

IE11 version 17501 one of my money images does not show.

In Google Chrome - all my money images does show.

In IE9 - a completely different money image does not show up.

Any ideas??

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Amy,

Are you viewing this in a web server or LMS or viewing it locally? It may be that you're not viewing it in the intended environment as that can cause issues as detailed here. 

We're also happy to take a look at the .story file or if you want to share a link to the course to see if it's something we can recreate. 

Amy Price

Hi Ashley, I am viewing this on an LMS and it has been published correctly as all our courses have been published the same way.

Do you think it's something to do with this thread?

Bottom post from Christie.

Because I tried the reorder tab option and it worked.....but this shouldn't happen across differ net versions of IE11 should it? 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Amy,

The issues with IE and Storyline content were rectified as a part of update 7 of Storyline 2. Are you using the latest update to publish your course? 

Also, just to confirm you're trying to access the Flash output? As the HTML5 output is not supported in IE (any versions) but it would be supported in Chrome. 

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