IE11 (internet explorer 11) and Storyline 360 extremely slow

Nov 18, 2019

Does anyone have any experience with Storyline 360 + Internet Explorer 11?

We have a large course (simulation training, but we have already replaced a large amount simulations/videos with screenshots because the problem was dramatic) of over 200 slides in total (about 80-90% is screen captures or shots) and it runs extremely slowly in IE11, but almost flawlessly in Chrome...

What on earth is wrong with IE11? We have tested it in Scorm Cloud and the same issue persists.

We have tried uploading just a single scene to see if the issue could simply be size, but alas... Still as slowly. 

(we of course experience other issues too, such as 'When key pressed' doesn't always work for slides that have a button on it... go figure.... but the worst is the slowness, our client is far from pleased)



Articulate Storyline 360 (v3.33.20697.0)
HTML5 only
Custom optimization (high, but tested for low and no difference)
Modern player (all menus & controls off)
100mb size
Includes many screen recordings and screen captures
Runs on custom LMS
Tested on SCORM cloud

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Amy Aston

Hello - was there a resolution to the above issues please?

I am experiencing a similar problem where my course is running perfectly on Chrome but extremely slow in Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge. However, my course is only 14 slides and the SCORM is only 7mb so I wouldn't expect it to be this slow! 

Many thanks

Katie Riggio

Hi TJ,

Sorry to hear you're also facing slowness in Internet Explorer. We haven't been able to recreate the experience, but won't stop there! A few questions for you:

  • What version of Storyline are you using? Click on the Help tab, then About Storyline.
  • What Internet Explorer update are you using to view the content? Click the ⚙️ icon, then About Internet Explorer.
  •  Is the course hosted on a web server or an LMS?

If you can share an affected .story file for testing, that will help us greatly. You can use this upload link to share it privately. We're eager to find what's causing this!

Lauren Connelly

Hi Joanna!

We're happy to help! Have you tried viewing the course in IE when it's not in the LMS? If not, can you try publishing the course for Web, zipping the published output, and then uploading it into Tempshare? You can take the link and test it in Internet Explorer to see if the courses run faster outside of the LMS.

If this doesn't do the trick, let's bring in our Support Engineers! Please use this link to connect with a member of our Support team.

Lauren Connelly

Hi Joanna!

The next step is to test the course in SCORM cloud which is an industry-standard testing LMS. This helps us narrow down if the issue is specific to the LMS or the course. 

Here's how to troubleshoot your LMS with SCORM cloud.

If the course works properly in SCORM cloud, then I'd recommend checking with your LMS to see if there are any known issues with Internet Explorer and LearnUpon. Some Learning Management Systems will recommend up-to-date browsers like Chrome, Firefox, and Safari.

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