IE11 Problems

Apr 04, 2018


I convinced my team to abandon Captivate 9 in favor of Articulate 360, but we've had tons of problems. Thankfully, we still have Cap 9 if things really go south.

In addition to a problem I just recently asked about (Identifier residue in Reporting and Tracking), my colleague and I are now coming across this problem: 

Right now, no web objects, Engage interactions, embedded video from YouTube, etc. will play properly in IE11 when our projects are in Flash (our LMS doesn't support HTML5). They all leave a blank white space where the item should be until/unless the user rolls the mouse over that area. All of those things work perfectly in Chrome. Unfortunately, we can only use IE in the LMS.

I've done my due diligence and researched into this, but, for the most part, I see questions about fonts looking odd or something. That's not our problem; we get nothing on the screen unless the learner hovers over it. That doesn't seem very UX-friendly, and I hate to add text to each slide; the content should there, right?

Also, I don't really know how to share any files with you since the problem is in our LMS. 

Thanks for any help!


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