IE9: QUESTION SLIDE CUSTOMIZATION: Hotspot and Other Interactive Issues (?)


I'm currently working on quality-checking a completed Storyline 2 course with a Quiz that contains question slides that have been slightly customized with added graphics, and, in one or two cases, a simple interaction.

In one case, one where NO customization was used, a HOTSPOT question is causing issues when learners press the SUBMIT Button after clicking the associated hotspot (1 of 2) that is overlaid on an inserted slide graphic.

The only obvious problem I can see that MIGHT cause an issue on this Slide is that one of the two HOTSPOTS I added to the associated graphic falls outside of the border of the graphic slightly.

Would something as basic as this break Quiz functionality? 

Seems a little unfortunate - HOTSPOTS in theory should look at the Question Slide Area as a WHOLE, not just the GRAPHIC - and if there WAS an issue with overlapping HOTSPOT positioning and/or placement, the eL developer should be warned while the Storyline Editor, so they can correct this prior to Publishing and Deployment.

Has anyone else run into any similar or other comparable issues (to this, and) where you might have added an extra element or two into an existing Question Slide, and problems were generated during run-through of the course content? 

In cases where we have heavily customized the slide with additional details and/or interactions, we are also seeing some display glitches of the content in terms of layout and placement.

The affected browser being used in this scenario is Internet Explorer 9. 

Please don't tell me to upgrade our browsers - we are already aware that Internet Explorer 11 solves many, if not most of these kinds of operational support issues.

Unfortunately, in this case, the client is locked to IE9 and must perforce use it.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions and help!


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Phil Mayor

I don't think the overlap should cause the problem as long as the hotspot is on top.

As it is browser specific (I presume it works in all other browsers?) I have a couple of suggestions check the version of flash installed on the affected browser should be 10.3 or above.  The only other suggestion I have is to check that flash is installed and it is not playing the HTML5 version, as IE inst a supported browser for Storyline HTML5 content this may be causing your issue.

If you could upload the affected slide I could check if there is any other reason.


Mark Shepherd

Hi Phil:

That's a very good point about Flash, which I hadn't considered. 

As far as I know, our IT staff have typically done a pretty good job keeping this component up to date, but are sometimes a couple of releases behind due to thorough vetting of every update.

As most of our eLP offerings are indeed Flash-based, this would impact it, for sure.

That being said, though, we have almost ZERO issues with all of our training releases built in Articulate Storyline when using Internet Explorer 11, including this one.

It's difficult to tell when we will be able to deploy IE 11 as a much more consistent and effective version to our client, as, again, it's an IT-control element, and there is only so much we can do about that.

The problem slide itself actually isn't that complicated or different than a conventionally inserted Quiz Slide.

We had a more interactive slide we tried to build a while ago, but we have since pulled that more complex, customized Question Slide and replaced it with a fairly generic basic Question Slide.

Regardless, I've resized the affected hotspot area so that it DOES fall within the borders of the Quiz Slide interaction image, so hopefully this will be enough to improve the display, if not hopefully solve the problem.

The hotspots were generated by Storyline 2 itself, and they are indeed on top of, or in front of, the required image. ;)