If both LMS and Articulate have similar field which system's value is utilized in the final product.

I have a question about how SCORM, my LMS, and Articulate interact together. When I create a lesson or class, I use Articulate to build the training material and assessment quiz. Then I use Articulate to publish the story file as HTML5 only, tracking quiz Results Slide, setting a passing grade (80%), etc. The very last thing I do is ZIP the published content built by Articulate. Once the lesson is zipped I load it onto our Accord LMS, which means I have to create and configure a new learning element. This where the conundrum rears its ugly head. The learning element has a variety of fields to be completed, including a field for passing the course (80%). So both systems have a field for a passing grade. Is it necessary to list a passing grade in each system. When I think about the redundancy of  the passing grade field, I wonder why software developers do this? 

Questions like the following clutter my thoughts.

  • Is there a right way to handle these fields?
  • What would happen if I didn't fill the passing grade in Accord's LMS, but put in a value in Articulate?
  • What about the reverse? What if I put a passing grade value in Articulate, but nothing Accord's Learning Element, which houses the SCORM?
  • What if the two systems have different values (Articulate 70% and Accord 90%)?

Thanks for listening to me.


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