If I dont have users clear cache very wierd behavior occurs

Jan 22, 2020

I am a using articulate as the basis for a LMS that I wrote for our company, I have had the same type of problems off and on for about 3 years+ even back to storyline2.

After doing some deep dives I think I have found the problem is from browser caches on shared computers at our stations and our ambulances, if you clear the cache before taking the tests they will play no problem, and show the questions they are supposed to.  We have dozens of new employees that come through each week and take the courses, the courses grab URL Params and store the variables in Articulate and at the end submit them via PHP/AJAX to a db.  This behavior is sporadic and happens sometimes to some computers and different articulate projects -- we have about 40 in total and they are all storyline 3 created content.

If you dont clear the cache on these projects sometimes they hang, sometimes, they restart videos, sometimes they dont show the questions, just lots of weird behavior, but if we clear the cache before using them that week all is well via ctrl+shift+delete

I need some technical help to try and mitigate this problem what can i do?

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David Richmond

I created a case #02132229 for Jose Tansengco

That was 13 days ago and i uploaded two stories and a .mp4 video demonstrating the exact behavior on chrome of freeze, restarts and glitches.  Now i was able to take the course no problem, but this user on chrome could not, and i cleared her cache and it still freezes in the exact same place, if you see Jose at lunch please ask him to get back to me, otherwise our company is going to just scrap Articulate, which pains me since I've invested so much time into crafting it into our solution.

Bottom line is the action is jump to next slide when timeline finishes -- this has always been the problem -- it doesnt go to the next slide it just freezes, then if you just sit there after several minutes it advances to the next slide -- its like its has to replay the entire timeline again in silence -- that seems to be the bug, Ive reported this type of behavior several times with no resolution and a 3 slide presentation with a 60mb mp4 and no test questions is about as simple a presentation as it can get.

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