If I publish a Storyline 360 file to the web, where do the learner provided responses live?

Jul 18, 2019

I'm looking for a work-around to collect learner feedback from courses. Our LMS team requires us to publish our courses to LMS using scorm 1.2 which does not allow our team to view individual learner data submitted as they navigate the courses. I want to embed a web object, such as a Google form, onto one of the last slides in the course, however, we don't have the authority to use Google forms and are currently waiting for access to Microsoft forms. I'm thinking I could create a form using Storyline360, use the publish to web option, and then embed into the course. I just don't know where all the data lives when the course has been completed when publishing to web. Any ideas, guidance, suggestions, etc. are very much appreciated! :) 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Marisa!

You should be able to view individual learner data when using SCORM 1.2. In fact, here's a full list of the data you'll have access to, depending on your LMS. 

When you host content on a web server, there isn't a way to retrieve learner responses. Have you reached out to your LMS administrator to find out where the individual learner data is stored?

Jerson  Campos

Most LMS systems allow you to view user entered data via some type of report or query functionality. The basic options usually just tell you who took the course, when they took it, and if they completed/passed. The more advanced options allow you to create custom reports to pull more information but requires a couple of things. Creating a custom report requires knowledge of SQL or similar knowledge to request the information. Also the course will have to be set up so that the information you want is saved in variables so the the reports can pull the info. 

Publishing to web will require similar efforts. You'll need to save the information you want into variables and create a script to combine the information and send the data via the hosting site once the user completes the course. Having a hosting site that can actually do this is the important part.   

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