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Ryan Martin

Not checking for Normal... changing to Normal (initial state is Hidden).

I'm getting some really wonky (as in nothing is happening) with Triggers in Slide Layers (in the Master Slide)... My logic is Aristotelian, so I guess I'll try black magic to get this to work?

Anyone else have problems with Triggers & States within Slide Master > Slide Layers?

Nancy Woinoski

Hi Ryan, I have this problem during beta. I had the trigger on the object and it did not work at all. Brain suggested changing it so that the trigger was at the slide level. He said it worked.

I actaully solved the problem by adding a custom state that looked exactly like normal and had it change to the custom state instead of normal.

Nancy Woinoski

Hi Ryan, sorry I didn't read the part about the slide master. Steve is right about using a variable listener. In fact, I have an old storyline example of his that shows how to do this. I've attached it here for you to look at. (Steve, I hope you don't mind me passing on your solution).

Ryan Martin

I'll put together a screenr tonight so show what I'm trying to do.

This is still not working, but in my mind, it should. If it's a software limitation, it'll be good to know.

Nancy, I looked through your story file, but it's not doing any Trigger action on Slide Master Layers; that's where my grief is.

/still hunting.

Steve Flowers

Hmm... You're right Ryan. Looks like objects within a layer in the master slide aren't receiving state change trigger events. On the master base layer, all seems OK. Just can't communicate to any object in the master layer, even from the same master layer using any type of event.



Ryan Martin

I knew I wasn't crazy!!! Thanks Steve!

This is really unfortunate - I had a no-brainer solution, put on some relaxing music, powered up the ol'SL, the BAM!... this roadblock happens.

What's weird is, a trigger like "Hide This Layer" works fine from a Slide Master Layer, but all the other Trigger's seem forgotten...