If, then logic in Storyline?

Jul 23, 2012

Hi, I'm stumped.  I thought Storyline had IF-THEN branching built in.  Can someone point me in the right direction?


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Leslie Therese Blanton

Hi Bruce, thanks.

I've got six things on the slide, I want the user to select three that are correct.  They know they have to select three, but the group of three has to be correct. Based on their selection, I want to give specific feedback.  So let's say the correct answer is A, B, and C.  If they select A, B and D, I want to give them specific feedback on that grouping.  If they select A, F, and C, that would be another, different set of feedback.

Make sense?


I have something similar. I want an arrow to appear (pointing to a corner of the player) ONLY AFTER the user clicks on four "Post-It" notes (which are grouped images). I have tried to set a variable from False-to-True for each of the four Groups, then set a hidden-to normal trigger for the arrow, but no success.



Russ Still said:

If-Then logic is definitely built in to the structure of triggers. And you can use layers as procedures if you have a lot of variable shuffling to do. There is no "Else" construct, however.

Is there a way around else? Essentially, I want to structure:

If a=True and

b=True and

c=True and


Then Arrow Appear

Jeffrey Lewis

I was setting up something I believe to be similar.  I just wanted a check mark to appear beside a menu item when they have completed that section.  So on my slide that has the menu i have triggers that say if variable x = 'true' when timeline starts then show a layer with the check mark.  However, the weird thing is that i have four of these each one works individually but it will only show the last one.  Is there some limit to the triggers to only run once per timeline?  or can only one layer be shown at a time?

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