iframe in SCORM passing data to URL - besides GET method, what else?

I can use JavaScript to pass data in the URL (GET method)...

If GET method is deemed insecure, what other methods can I use to pass data to the URL that loads in the iframe of a SCORM package?

The context of the issue is I need some kind of a "Single Sign On" effect, such that the users who have logged on to the LMS need not login again to the URL that loads in the iframe (it's an external website).

So, in the SCORM file, we want to pass an identifable value to the URL in the iframe. How to do it besides GET method?

P.S: if your answer is "POST", how to make the iframe load with a post action? I'm only able to make a post action independently while the iframe loads separately - doesn't meet what I need. 

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