iframes - major compatibility issues?

Mar 12, 2020

We are producing Storyline 360 courses for a client who wants them embedded on their own company website, and we are experiencing serious issues when trying to use iframes to accomplish this. I have learned that Safari will prevent iframes from loading content that has been linked from other domains if the user has never visited the linked site before, and most of our client's audience is on iPhones...

Here is a test page that our client is setting up, and attached is a screenshot of what their Safari users are experiencing: https://sepro.com/aquatics/ams-water-quality-restoration 

And here is the iframe code block used for reference: <iframe src="https://achievainc.articulate-online.com/6152460770" width="1280px" height="720px">

We were thinking of setting up a subdomain on our client's server that would redirect to our Articulate Online domain, but ran into an SSL certificate issue with this: lms.sepro.com/6152460770.

Since we do not have direct access to the articulate-online.com servers, is it possible for Articulate Online's server host to work with our client's IT personnel to generate an SSL certificate? Or would this method even work for what we are trying to accomplish using iframes?

TLDR: Does there exist a globally compatible method for embedding Storyline 360 modules hosted through Articulate Online on a separate domain's webpage?

Thanks, we have really hit a wall with this one!


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Katie Riggio

Hi there, Ryan!

I'm sorry you're hitting a wall with the iframes. You've done a thorough job in testing on your own, and we're happy to step in!

There may be a few factors at play here, so I'd like to bring our Engineers to the table for the next best steps. In the meantime, we have this helpful resource that might help with the iframe code. 

Keep an eye out for an email from support@articulate.com soon, and I'll follow along!

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