Illustrated Characters available with 30-day trial.

When teaching Storyline workshops, some participants are attending using the 30-day trial version. "Back in the day" Storyline had one classic illustrated character (forget who) and one photographic character (Atsumi). 

I assumed perhaps different trial characters now but during one of the exercise labs in my workshop where we experiment with characters, folks are explaining they don't have any characters. 

I can't replicate their issue as free trial user.


  1. Are there no longer sample characters with the trial version?
  2. If no characters are present, do trial users have the ability to download one or to sample characters?
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Elizabeth Pawlicki

Hi Kevin!  Anyone using the Articulate 360 trial should have the following Content Library assets available to them in Storyline 360: 

Your users may have settings on their computers that are blocking them from viewing certain Content Library 360 assets.  The domains listed here must be accessible on port 443 for those services to work.