Image and Text quality in HTML5 in Chrome

Nov 08, 2017

When publishing in HTML5 there seems to be a lot of blurriness with both images (screen captures) and text. I have found that some browsers are better than others (for instance, Chrome seems to be worse than FireFox and IE). Is there anyway to improve the HTML5 viewing for Chrome? Will the new unified player address any of these issues? Any update on when the new unified player is coming out? 

(*Also, I know about locking the player size. Works great but incredibly illogical to do when we can not control how the 10,000 some users will be viewing our simulations.)


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi James,

Thanks for sharing those screenshots. Our team is currently looking into the issues with how Chrome may display blurrier than browsers like Edge or IE. These screenshots are helpful in that. Do you also know what version of Chrome you're using? 

As for the unified player, our team is still working on it and hope to have it ready by the end of the year. We'll keep you posted once it is available.

The unified player will change how things appear in terms of the desktop vs. mobile responsive player you're seeing now. It will allow you to have the same look and feel across all devices. 

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