Image Animation Problems (Storyline 2)

Mar 16, 2015


I'm experiencing something strange with a few JPG images and I'm wondering if someone's experienced the same thing or knows what's going on here.

I have 3 JPG images with grow animations (1.0 sec). For every other image in my project this animation works fine in preview and publish. For only these three images, the images seem to be zoomed in on part of the image during the animation, and then shift to the full image.

I've attached images showing the differences between the images during the animation (animation_playground.jpg and animation_kids.jpg) and what they look like when the animation is over (animation_final.jpg).

A few notes about the images and the project (since I can't attach it for copyright reasons):

  • The problem appears in preview and publish mode.
  • I'm publishing for an LMS and viewing it in Chrome.
  • This happens in three images on a single slide and doesn't happen for the 200+ images with the same animation and timing in the rest of the project, including the 15 other images on this slide.

Any insight or suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Daniece,

Thanks for sharing the images here. From those alone it's hard to determine what is happening, but since you mentioned it's only these three images I'd have you look to first confirm that you're working on all local project files as described here. 

You may also want to look at importing the entire project or just that one slide into a new project to see if it resolves any of the behavior you're experiencing. 

Daniece Rainville

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for your response! I verified that I'm working on the content locally (thanks for the reminder!).

I imported the slide into a new project and the issue occurs with those same three images. I've done some more testing and the problem seems to persist as long as I use these images with grow animations. I decided to change the animation to solve the problem.

Thanks for your insight!

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