Image becomes blurry when applying an inner shadow

Dec 17, 2013


Why is it that an image becomes blurry once you apply an inner shadow to that image?


Kim Lorek

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kim,

Have you checked to see if this only happens on a particular image file type? I tried this with a couple .jpg and .png files, and didn't see any blurriness. Do you have a file we could look at? If you'd like to share the .story file or the image file you're working with here we'd be happy to take a look. You may also want to check your DPI setting to ensure it's at 96, as that could cause objects to look distorted. 

Alexandros Anoyatis

Hi Kim, once you click on an effect (such as shadow or glow) your (now shadowed) image is actually saved again which for all lossy image filetypes (such as jpg's) degrades image quality. To add to that, further image compression also takes place during publish.

Sometimes when I don't have access to higher res images and I need to apply a glow or shadow, I place a shape of exactly same dimensions right under my image, and apply the effect to the shape rather than the image on top.

Hope this helps,

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