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When I am viewing the slides in published or preview the images are not showing the same as in Master or Slide View. The image that is showing incorrectly is from Powerpoint. This is not the first time it has done this with images from Powerpoint. I am copying and pasting the image from Powerpoint into Storyline. A few days ago it was an image from Storyline that was in a different place on the published and preview versions than the slide version. 

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Tom Kuhlmann

Whatever you create in PowerPoint, I'd save as an image and bring into Storyline rather than copying and pasting. From what I can tell, those are PowerPoint shapes with some applied effects on them. I assume that when Storyline publishes it converts that to an image and the resolution is smaller than the story size which is probably why it's scaled down.

If you save that as an image and insert it into PowerPoint using the insert image feature, that should be resolved. Keep in mind if you save an object in PPT as an image, you want to size it up much larger than the slide size because that will change the resolution of the image you save.


Sam Farr

Thank you for your help. I worked fine yesterday and today when I started to work on it messed up. I will recreate it in Powerpoint.
Thanks again for your help

Samantha Farr
Instructional Designer | eLearning Developer


Hi Samantha!

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We look forward to hearing back if recreating it in power point resolve the image distortion!