Image doesn't appear in hover state...

Hello eveyone,

I am working in Slide Master. I have added text and a photographic character to the hover state. Both the text and character show in the hover "box". However, only the the text shows on the slide not the character to. There is a "+" sign that shows on the slide where the image should be. I have deleted and reinserted the character but still getting the same result.

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Adrian Dean

Hi Jodi,

I added a marker to my slide. I clicked on the marker properties to show all on hover. I then added some text and a symbol (webding or photographic character). I then did a preview and when hovering over the marker the words and the symbol showed up. When not in preview and back at the slide itself, I click on the marker and everything is still there as well.

Is that close to what you are doing? It seems like it except for the fact that my symbol is still there.

Always Happy to Help,