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I am using the media interation template (Thank you) and have changed the images to mine and resized them but when I go to preview and I put my mouse on the image it flickers (or zooms in and out) I have highlighted the image and clicked on the Zoom picture in the ribbon to turn zoom on and off but to no avail.

Please help - enjoying ST2 a lot.




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Emily Ruby

Hello David!

Thank you for sharing the file.

I can see why this is happening. Since the "hover" image is smaller, if you hover in an area that is not there on the hover state, the program is thinking that you are no longer hovering so it is jumping back to the normal state, and at the same time you are hovering on the normal state, so it is also jumping back to the hover state.

In your file, if you place your mouse to hover over the area of the smaller shape, it does not flicker. One way to correct this would be to place a transparent shape behind the smaller shape in the hover state, that is the same size of the normal states image.

Attached is a sample, I only updated the third picture.