Image hover state removing when clicking down on image.

I have put together some custom icons for a module I am working on. Each image has it's own hover, down, and disabled states that I have made with Adobe products.


Essentially these are all individual images, and I have place each image into the corresponding state. When I hover over the image, the hover image pops up (great!) but when I then click down on the image, I can still see the hover image behind the down image....


This is problematic, and doesn't look good. Are there solutions that will stop the hover image from showing behind the image? Also, in case anyone asks, I have purposely moved the hover image up a couple of pixels on purpose as a hover feature.


I have moved the back hover up even more, to further show how the hover file is still visible when you click down. 

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Matthew Adams

Unfortunately it did not help. While your issue deals with the selected state, mine is simply when I click and hold down the mouse, I can see the "down" state, but the hover state is still slightly visible behind the down state. 


I want the edit state to disappear as soon as the user clicks on the image, so that they only see the down state.