Image is changing is status before the variable is completed

I've created the status of an image to change to visited when a certain section is completed. However, i can see the image changing it's status as soon as i click on it. 

I tried reordering the triggers but i can't change the order of some. I've attached a screenshot of the triggers on this slide. 

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Ann,

The Visited state is built into Storyline and has its own in-built triggers that change the state of the object immediately it is selected.

What I suggest you do is to delete your Visited state and create a new state called, for example, Completed and then adjust your triggers accordingly, so that the states of the Topic Images are changed to Completed instead of Visited. All being well, it should now work.

Don't hesitate to get back if you are still having problems.

Ned Whiteley

Hi Ann,

I have put together an example to roughly replicate the process you will have to go through in the hope that it will help you identify where you are going wrong.

In my example, I have used three buttons to simulate when each section is complete and selecting any one of the buttons will change the state of the image in that section to Completed. Where possible, I have tried to replicate your triggers to make it easier for you to follow.

What is possible is that you are not triggering your SectionComplete variables correctly and they are still remaining as False and not changing to True when required. The easiest way to check this is to create a text box on your slide and insert the appropriate variable into the text box (Insert, Reference in the toolbar).



When you preview your slide, the text box should show the word False and this will hopefully change to True when the section is complete. If it doesn't, you need to look at how you are triggering your SectionComplete variables.

Ann R

Hi Ned, yes, i was able to download the copy. 

So my variable is working and it's changing to true, when i come back from section 1 to the overview slide. But it's not changing the state of the image. 

However, my trigger SetSection1complete is in the last slide of section 1, where as the change state of the button triggers are in the overview slide together with jump to section 1 , 2 etc. 

Ned Whiteley

Hi Ann,

I think I see the problem.

When you return to the Overview slide from the end of Section 1, although your Section1Complete variable is now True, the state of the button will not change until it sees a change in the variable whilst you are in the Overview slide.  As this change has already occurred at the end of Section 1 (before returning to the Overview slide), the button will remain in the Normal state.

If my hunch is correct, the solution is simple. Change your triggers in the Overview slide to be triggered when the timeline starts instead of when the variable changes. Each time you return to the Overview slide, the timeline will re-start and any buttons where the SectionComplete variable is True will be changed to the Completed state.

Hope this solves the problem. :)