Image Issue in Slide

Hello -

After I publish my course in Storyline, I am seeing a gray box in an image on one of the slides. I even rebuilt the slide and it still is giving me problems. I don't see the issue until after it is published, not in preview mode. The image is a JPG and I have it set to stay on the slide until the end of the timeline. I do also have a character i pasted on top of the image. I am attaching the image I see after publishing. Any suggestions?

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Julie,

That is strange. How are you viewing the published content? Have you uploaded it to a web server or LMS for testing? Viewing it locally may cause some strange issues, so you may want to try this out. 

If you'd like, I'd be happy to take a look at this for you. Can you share your .STORY file here? 

Bill Harnage

Looks like a corrupt image.  Where the corruption is happening is the question.

If you can, convert the image to png and then reload it.  To reload it, click the image in SL, go to the format tab and click the "change image" button on the left side of the ribbon.

Make sure the jpg is not a progressive one.  Just a thought on that.   If you can see it in preview then it might be getting corrupted at publish and maybe a progressive setting on the jpg could cause the problem.