Image management in SL2

Hi there,

I've been joining an e-learing team as an media creator/integrator. 

I am fairly new to SL2. I am wondering if there is a simple way of replacing an image in a .story file and all of its instances at once.

Lots of .story files are already created and some are still in SL1 waiting to be converted to SL2 in order to normalize our custom UI and other (custom) learner references.

Thanks for sharing thoughts and ideas.


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Steve Flowers

Hey Richard - 

No simple way in SL2 through the interface. However, if you're careful you can replace images in the source file. This isn't supported and I'd consider it a "pursue at your own risk" activity. Always back up before you do something like this.

The SL2 .story file is a zip archive. If you rename the file to .zip and expand it, you'll see a structure that holds all of the media and configurations. So you could find an image by a thumbnail, copy the name from the image, change the name of your new image and drop it into the same folder overwriting the old image.

As long as you don't change any of the references, you should be safe to re-zip a renamed story, rename it and open for publish. Complicated but it's really the only way to replace an instance of an image used multiple times across a story:(