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Sijo Antony

In the link, the logo is visible. I checked this in Chrome.

I have faced this type of issue before, but it could be irrelevant in your case. This issue used to appear when I directly copy the icon from a Storyline 3/360 file that was upgraded from an older Storyline version and paste it a new Storyline 3/360 file.

This issue can also happen when an enhanced metafile is not properly ungrouped.

Vincent Scoma


Thank you for reaching out and sharing your Review 360 link! 

I tested the link in Chrome, Firefox, and Edge and found that Chrome was the only browser that would not show your logo. This might be a browser-related issue but I would like to review your file to further troubleshoot.

With your permission, could you share your .story file to this thread? If you would prefer to send it privately, you can definitely do so by connecting with our Support Engineers. We'll let you know our findings and will delete it after having a closer look.

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