Image seems to flash when changing states

I love the characters provided in Storyline 2 but am having some trouble.

I'm using the same person (Christian) on the same white background, He's supposed to look alternately at the learner and at the whiteboard by changing states at 2, 10, 20 and 30 seconds. I've added (and subtracted) nothing from the character (animations, etc.) Merely Inserted a New State and set the Triggers. He seems to disappear and reappear in a flash. (Background is solid white -- corporate branding standard). If this were Captivate, there would be a transition on the item. I don't see one on this character, but this is the second project I've had with this issue. Any suggestions of what to look for? I've attached my flashing guy slides so you can see. this is right after I took it apart from being layers (same problem) and made it separate slides (no joy.)

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Walt Hamilton


I think that the two poses are cropped so differently that it is causing the appearance of jumping. The boards he is holding are not exactly the same size and shape, and that contributes to the effect. In reality, there are so many pixels changing color that I'm not sure you can stop the flash completely.  You might try putting the second state on a second slide, then duplicating those two slides. That way, you could use a transition from slide to slide, and see if it would give you the effect you want. Good luck with this.