Image state doesn't change

May 24, 2016

I need to build a page that has different icons on it. On clicking these icons, a pop-up page should display. On closing that pop-up, user should be directed back to the same page with the icons. However, the icon should show a visited state in the form of a tick mark.

Currently, that tickmark appears immediately after it is clicked and not after the pop-up is viewed by the user (and closed). 

Is it possible to enable the functionality of visited state in Storyline?

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Walt Hamilton

The visited state seems to work well, if the pop-ups are layers and the user doesn't leave the slide.

If the user navigates away from the slide, and especially if they go to other slides before they return, the Visited state is not inherently stable.

Like Leslie says, building a custom state triggered by variables is very stable and reliable. Here's a sample of how I do it.


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