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Oct 11, 2016

I have a situation that is working perfectly the first time through on a main menu. However, when the user returns to the main menu, all of my images are triggered incorrectly. I am very new to Storyline 2, and I may not be using the correct terms. If there is a term for this behavior, please let me know!

I have Storyline 2, and I have a main menu. There are three options in my main menu, and when the user hovers over each option, an image appears off to the side with a trigger.

For example, when hovering over checkbox 1 or title 1, picture 1 is shown to the right. If the user hovers over checkbox 2 or picture 2, picture 2 is shown to the right.

It works great, until the user clicks on checkbox 1, goes to section 1, and then returns from section 1. Picture 1 is no longer hidden by default. I'm trying to figure out how to re-hide this picture when entering the main menu. I've already tried hiding picture 1 when checkbox 1 is clicked, but that doesn't help. Does anyone have any ideas?



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Julee Jaeger

I can't share the file right now. There is proprietary/sensitive information in it. 

Clicking on Checkbox 1 takes you to Section 1 (Slide 2.1 in Storyline 2). When you're done with Section 1, you go back to the Main Menu (Slide 1.1 in Storyline 2). This is the same initial slide. 

Back at the Main Menu, the hover for the images no longer works. The images should be hidden by default, but I can see them. How do I reset them to hidden when returning to the Main Menu?


Michael Hinze

The state of checkboxes can be set based on variables. For example, at the end of your section 1 you could set a True/False variable 'Section01Conmplete' from false to true before jumping back to the main menu. Then on the main menu you could add slide triggers that change checkbox 01 to ...whatever state you want to use to signify completion When the timeline starts.

Julee Jaeger

This is what I tried to do before I posted. Here are the triggers for my checkbox:

Check Box 1
Jump to 2 Section 1 when user clicks

Change state of Picture 1 to Normal when user hovers the mouse over

Change state of Picture 1 to Hidden when user clicks

This isn't working. It seems like the picture isn't getting hidden on the click, it is just advancing to the next slide.

Do I need to combine the two click triggers somehow? 

Walt Hamilton

I suspect the problem is the  Change state to Normal when user hovers  trigger.

There is a built-in trigger for hover, and the two triggers are probably so busy fighting that they ignore you.  Copy the Normal state, name it Hover, and delete that trigger.  I think that will go a long way toward solving your problem, but if not, ask again.

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