Images and triggers

Ok, I think I am overthinking setting this up and need some advice. I have a slide with three images and text descriptions. All images start as hidden. The user clicks on the appropriate text and the corresponding image appears. I have successfully done that part.

What I want is when the click the next text to view a different image, I want the previous image to go back to hidden. I tried using a variable, but that didn't work - as I am not sure how to best use those.

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Russell Killips

Hello Karyn,

I would probably use a shape such as rectangles for the descriptions. Then add selected states to the rectangles with your images on them. After, select all 3 rectangles and give them the same button set.

Using this technique, you won't have to create any triggers.

Here is a sample storyline 360 project for you to take a look at.

William Hirsch

Hi Karyn,

There are a few ways to accomplish this.  I'll explain a couple of them and you let me know if they work for your particular application.

First, assuming right now you hide each image at timeline start, and have triggers that show each image when the appropriate button is clicked, you could add more triggers to hide them.  If clicking button A shows image A, then you want to create a trigger so that clicking button A changes the state of image B to hidden, and another which makes it so that clicking button A will change the state of image C to hidden.  You'll follow this same pattern for the rest of the buttons.  If an object is already hidden, you shouldn't run into a problem if a trigger tries to hide it again.

Another option which accomplishes something similar (though not the same) but with a bit less work, would be to use the mouse over trigger.  For each button/image, you'll create a trigger which changes the state of the image to normal when the mouse hovers over the button.  What makes this a bit simpler (though not the same is it depends on a hover, not a click), is that you could tick the "restore on mouse leave" option, so that you don't need to create so many triggers for each button/image pair.  It should be noted that in this case too, you'll want to use triggers to set the image states to hidden on timeline start.

You can see a video of the first example at the below link.  Let me know if this is helpful or not.

-Billy H