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Alexandros Anoyatis

The pngcrush plugin that converts images to PNG during publish will execute even when the image quality is set at 100%. This means blurry images during conversion, especially if you don't maintain original proportions after inserting them, as SL inevitably recompresses them at least once.

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Alexandros Anoyatis

1) Keep the quality at 100%
2) Use high DPI sources - 150 is a good number.
3) I believe that when inserting a png without changing proportions, SL will not recompress.
4) You will also notice bluriness when adding effects to your images (such as shadows, glows, or effects via the effects tab, etc.) because no matter what, SL will naturally resample that image.
5) The same applies to states using those effects.

It's not Storyline's fault for the most part, but keeping and manipulating sources prior to inserting into Storyline will yield best results in HTML5, however time consuming that might be.