Images disappear on import to new story file

Hi everyone!  Here's today's "issue"...any help is appreciated.

I've created 3 story files for three modules of a course (Storyline 2)

Now I've opened anew story project to create an introduction, conclusion, assessments, and to pull in the three modules.  When I went to "import slides" from the project some of my pictures have disappeared.  Not all pictures, just some.  If it is missing in place then it is missing everywhere.  So if I had a picture of a cat, dog, and mouse and the dog was not in slide 2 where it should be, the dog was missing out of all slides where I placed it.

Interestingly, the picture is still "in" the timeline and you can see the picture placeholder on the screen when you click the timeline area.

Anyone else dealing with this?  Could it be a ram issue or a file type issue (seems to be random PNG and JPEG types).



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