Images disappear when moving off of hotspots

Hello - I've been going nuts trying to figure out the solution to this.  I have a series of images layed over top of each other, that act as links to other parts of my online course.

The images act like the hover/visited states, and I use hot spots to mark on the image where to click.  Where I'm having my problem is whenever the mouse moves away from any of the hot spots, all images dissapear.  I've tried reordering the timeline, as well as changing the "Restore on mouse leave" options - no luck though. 

I realize I'm not giving an easy look into this, so I'm attaching a copy of the slide in question.  Anyone have any ideas?


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Tom Kuhlmann

Without spending a lot of time trying to figure what's going on, you have overlapping images and on mouseover it looks like you're hiding the top one changing the state of the bottom one. The fact that they overlap and have matching transparent areas that are part of the bounding box, to me seems like it will invite some conflicts.

One thing I'd do is create one base image with 13 states. Then change the state of the image on the mouseover, rather than hide and show states of two overlapping images. Attached is a slide 2 where I deleted the extra shapes and removed the 2 triggers per hotspots. Replaced them with one base shape with 13 states and one trigger per hotspot.