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Wendy Farmer

HI John

looking at the image and the timeline, the picture doesn't appear within the first 8 secs that I can see.

Could be they are set to hidden, could be they have entrance or exit animations on them, could be they are just set to display later in the timeline...hard to say without seeing the story file.


John Collier

Thanks for your responses. Yes, the pictures are in the timeline and they are not hidden. I have worked with Storyline going on 5 years now and I havn't seen this before. I have also tried moving all of the images to the "front" nothing shows. I've tried deleting the images and re-inserting them and that also does not work? (I get a small box with no image) The images are png and they load and work in the smaller storyline file that I am copying them from? One reason I was working outside the main file is that the main file is large and was starting to get a little "buggy".