Images have become blank

Jul 14, 2014

All images have disappeared from my storyline file.

I can still see them in the story view but not when I look at the individual slides. However I can select the images in the timeline but they have all become blank (see picture).

They no longer appear when I view the published version.

Any ideas?

With regards,

Jeppe G. Manuel

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Marco Faust

This has been documented many times here. I've had that EXACT thing happen to me several times. It probably happened when you left Storyline running over night and returned to it the next morning, and then saved.

Articulate needs to fix this. It isn't just me, it isn't just you, it's everyone that is regularly going through significant pain and a lot of extra effort because they don't fix it.

And, without an autosave function...

Captivate is starting to look like a better option.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jeppe and welcome to Heroes,

I'm sorry to hear about your file, and as Marco mentioned it's something we've seen before when users have not adhered to the guidelines detailed here or left Storyline open and running for an extended period of time while not working in it. It has been something that we've shared with our Quality Assurance team for review, but it's not something that they've been able to replicate on new files or that a user has been able to share the exact steps they took to experience the behavior.

The next steps you may want to try include importing the existing Storyline project into a new project file to see if the images return, or you'll need to reinsert the images. If you'll have to conduct the latter I'd also recommend implementing a method to back up your project files. It may also be worth conducting a repair of Storyline to resolve any odd behavior.

There is another thread here where other users have shared the issue - and in that thread, there are two other users who mentioned methods they were able to use to fix it within their files.

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