Images in Storyline disappear from presentation after publish


I'm having an issue with a presentation in Storyline whereby my images (jpegs & pngs) have disappeared. They appear in the preview pane, but in the slide view, they are missing. If I then preview the project, they don't appear.

The slides these images appear on only have 1 layer. It seems as though the images are there- if you click on the slide, there is an active object outline where they should be. I have tried removing these blank boxes and re-inserting the images using the Insert> Picture function but all that is inserted is an empty object box.

I have also attempted to view the presentation on a colleague's pc with Storyline installed but the same issue has occurred.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Jo McFillin

Hi Bruce,

Thanks for your reply I've uploaded the .story file for you to look at.

The images I've inserted are from a USB- I didn't think this would cause any issues as I previously used Studio and used to insert images from our image library on the network drives without any issues.

Thanks again,


Peter Anderson

Hi Jo!

Per Bruce's suggestion, I'd try working with the images locally, if possible. When creating, editing, or publishing a Storyline project, you'll want to be sure you're working from your local hard drive (typically your C: drive). Working from a network drive or a USB drive can cause erratic behavior, such as file corruption, an inability to save changes you've made to your project, and loss of resources.

Please review the following article for more information:

charles bamidele

my presentation is quite large and ive also experienced the same problem after publishing. some of my pictures have disappeared and the audio as well. The most frustrating part is the audio becuase whenever i preview it works fine but upon publishing the audio is gone. Apart from the local drive issue is there anything else i can try? I am currently working with SMEs and i am behind schedule.

Jo McFillin

Hi Charles,

I took Peter and Bruce's advice and only used images that were stored on my local drive (i.e. I moved them from the network or USB to my local drive before inserting them from here). This seems to have solved the problem for me- the problem hasn't occurred since then. I hope this helps.


Tex Hale

Is this a bug?  After replacing some images in the icon text box, the images were not changed after republishing, although I can see the amended images in the story_content folder as well as in the lms folder.   Also some of the original images disappeared.

Republishing automatically overwrites the original file, but it does not appear to overwrite the images, only text.

All this happened recently when I installed Storyline version

Darla Wigginton


Just had the same issue and reinstalled with Update 2 but most of my images and audio are gone.  I transfer files back and forth with my biz partner.  We can't always have images or audio from one local drive as we work on large projects together (and with contractors).

Btw, SL crashed and said it had to close, then the next time I opened the file....everything dumped and missing.

I opened a case and submitted the file.  It was originally 144MB but now is down to 4MB (probably the lost of images and audio).

Is there a way (similar to Premiere) that one can tell Articulate where to locate the images?  The image rectangles are all still there, as if SL is just not able to locate them.  I am working on a local drive.

I hope to create a quick fix as this is 5+ days of work to recreate.  

Some other info:

  • Original file had images imported for PPT
  • I'm working on Windows 8 but also had this issue in Window 7

Thanks for your help team.  Please keep your fingers crossed we can find workable solutions to this!  I'm rather desperate  


Alan Landers

Ah Ha, This is what was happening to me (see I can't believe it happened again).  To the best of my knowledge, it has to do with scans done by PC Tools Performance Tool Kit or it could have been done by one of my anti-virus programs.  I do know that all my images disappeared immediately after PC Tools ran a scan.  That happened twice.  That's what makes me I think PC Tools is the culprit.  But, it could have been an anti-virus program or some other program that routinely cleans my system.  I removed all of the automatic scans of my hard drives.

Here's what I did to save hours of rework.   I make two copies of my .story.  i call one "working" and the other "backup".  Every 10 minutes or so (sometimes 30 minutes - but no longer), I do a "save" and then do a "save as".  If I'm working in "working", I save it and then save it as "backup".  That way I always have a backup that's no more than 10-30 minutes old.  It's much easier to recreate 10 minutes than 10 hours.

BTW, it happend again tonight (stupid me, I restarted the auto scans again), but I just opened the other version and was up and running where I left of about 10 minutes earlier... No prob.


Darla Wigginton

Me again with an update.

Since Storyline is a very stable program, I'm seeing now that the images I inserted using the SL Insert feature are all there.  I believe the issue is just with images and audio imported from PPT.  I also see from Alan's comment and now see that Window's 8 installed "Windows Defender" and is trying to override my Norton program.  

I'm sure there's a fix for this but I'm thinking a best practice *could* be to save images from PPT into a library on once's own system (if you work in tandem with others) and then import them using SL's feature.

I do save often and Save As too but we are working on very large projects that have to be passed back and forth between ID to graphics and then production amongst a team.  So it probably works best not to rely on PPT Import if it's possible to us SL's insert and create a more stable project.

I look forward to other's thoughts on best practice since we are trying to get all our clients to move to SL since we love it so.  I imagine as we begin building solely in SL these issues will disappear.  I look forward to leaving PPT behind!  

Deniz Olcay

Some images are stored on my hard drive as image files, and some others are image files within a powerpoint presentation that i just copied and pasted into storyline. everything is on my c drive. I'm going through and recreating everything, since it seems the timings are still there. something must have been corrupted for some reason.