Images in Storyline disappear from presentation after publish

I'm having an issue with a presentation in Storyline whereby my images (jpegs & pngs) have disappeared. They appear in the preview pane, but in the slide view, they are missing. If I then preview the project, they don't appear.

The slides these images appear on only have 1 layer. It seems as though the images are there- if you click on the slide, there is an active object outline where they should be. I have tried removing these blank boxes and re-inserting the images using the Insert> Picture function but all that is inserted is an empty object box.

I have also attempted to view the presentation on a colleague's pc with Storyline installed but the same issue has occurred.

I am working with the images locally, When creating, editing, or publishing a Storyline project, from local hard drive (typically your C: drive).

I used images from Insert> Characters > photograph>

I have put in a lot of effort and time in animating the slides and If I have to redo it again I will be behind schedule.

Please find the attached source file for your reference.

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Nancy Wilkinson

Hi everyone,

It looks like this problem is still occurring...I've been reading through six pages of comments in the hope of reading a solution. I am a consultant, and occasionally work with a virtual team for a client. My client will often send me Storyline 2 files built by other consultants, and often when I open them I have trouble with images. They will show up in the timeline, but not on the screen. If I cut an image on one slide and try to paste it in another, the same thing happens - the image appears in the timeline but not on the screen.  Very frustrating.  In these cases, I don't know the operating systems of the consultants, and have little power to investigate. Its a pity you can't share Storyline 2 files between developers  because I end up doing the same thing I've read here - re-doing the work. I would be interested in reading a solution if its ever fixed.

Alyssa Gomez

Hi Nancy, 

Sorry to hear you're having trouble with the images in your client's files. There shouldn't be any issues with opening a Storyline 2 project that someone else created. Do you know if you're on the most recent update of Storyline 2 (Update 11)? 

When things go missing within a file, sometimes it helps to import the slides into a brand new Storyline file. If that doesn't help, it could be that there is something corrupt within that file, and you'll want to follow these tips to prevent file corruption in the future. 

Also, going through a repair is a good idea if the courses continue to behave erratically, although the update would serve the same purpose.


Hi everyone.

I just had a similar problem. Turns out SL2 was pulling through the feedback master slide on all layers (even though they're not quizzes/surveys). Once I changed the feedback master by resetting the background, it showed the graphics again.

Thanks to Anthony from Kalleo for this awesome advice. Hope it helps some of you too.


Crystal Horn

Hi Amy.  Your situation sounds slightly different from the original issue posted.

I'm happy to work through this issue with you.  It sounds like you have inserted images on your slide, and that you can see them in preview but not after publishing.

  • Are you images on layers or on the base layer of the slide?  If on layers, is the trigger to show the layer functional?
  • After you publish your course, where are you hosting it (web, LMS, locally)?

If you'd like to attach your .story file, I'm happy to lend a hand in troubleshooting.

Amy Harry

My images were on a layer. I deleted and re-inserted them, but that didn't change anything (although of the two not appearing, one started to). The existing images were PNGs. I had inserted one and duplicated it. So, I ended up replacing them all with JPGs, and they're appearing now. So maybe there's a PNG vs JPG issue.

Crystal Horn

Hello, EADSKILL RISE.  Are you seeing images appear and disappear specifically in Google Chrome?  We are working on some issues impacting the visibility of slide objects in Chrome version 72.

Can you work with our team so we can confirm what issue you're experiencing?  We'll be happy to help with next steps.

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Lisa. We released update 6 for Storyline 3 and update 25 for Storyline 360 which added enhanced support for Chrome 72. This resolved a few issues with objects not appearing properly in published output, especially when the player was scaling to fill the browser window.

Can you confirm what version of Storyline you’re using? Go to Help > About Storyline. If you're up to date, let's work a bit closer with you to find out what's happening with your images!