Images in Storyline disappear from presentation after publish


I'm having an issue with a presentation in Storyline whereby my images (jpegs & pngs) have disappeared. They appear in the preview pane, but in the slide view, they are missing. If I then preview the project, they don't appear.

The slides these images appear on only have 1 layer. It seems as though the images are there- if you click on the slide, there is an active object outline where they should be. I have tried removing these blank boxes and re-inserting the images using the Insert> Picture function but all that is inserted is an empty object box.

I have also attempted to view the presentation on a colleague's pc with Storyline installed but the same issue has occurred.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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Alan Landers

The file is corrupted.  You'll have to start over.  :-(  total bummer.

The good news is that you can see the images and have all the files.  I had to rename everything too.  BTW, I stopped all my automatic security scans, updates, etc. while I was working on SL.  I routinely turn them off when I work now and have set them up to run around 3:30am to avoid the problem.