Images Keep Moving after Publishing

Hi all

I have seen this several times (ie always) when I want to put an image at the end of a line of text. After I publish it the image moves. I have seen videos on aligning text with images in Master Slides, but that is not what I am trying to achive since the image isn't always in the same place.

I have also tried to group the text with the image, sometimes this seemed to work, but rarely.

Please see attachment



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Hi Ashley

Thanks, i had a closer look and it appears that it is the text that is moving rather than the images.

I have attached the story with 3 slides, with different text alignment (Top, Middle and Bottom) but this still does not fix the issue, Maybe someone can help.

I have also tried to group text and images but this doesn't fix the issue either.




Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Gar,

Thanks for sending your project file along. Were you using Storyline 3 or Storyline 360? 

I'm seeing the text and the images shift, and it doesn't follow any pattern or reason. I checked all your slide masters, states, etc. and also couldn't identify what was moving the items. Can you share any more about how you created this slide set up? Can you check that you're following along with the guidelines here for working on your projects? 

I also saw it in Preview (so didn't need to publish entirely either). 

It seems to be related to the formatting of your paragraph and bullets, but I can't replicate the same set up in a new file to determine where this one went off target. I'd love to know any more about how you set this up to try and narrow down what's causing this oddness!