Images not loading

Oct 15, 2012

I am loving working with Storyline but have noticed when viewing a published piece that sometimes all the  images do not load onto slides.  It happens randomly and is not repeatable.  If I back up to the previous slide and then click "next", the missing images will appear the second time.  Any insight into correcting this problem would be greatly appreciated!

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Leslie Mallare

Thanks, Leslie.  I thought that article would help because I realized I hadn't been publishing to my local drive, but the problem is still occurring.  It seems as though the problem centers around the illustrated characters primarily but not exclusively.  For example, I can click "next" to advance from slide 1 to slide 2 that  has a character and a caption and all I see is the caption.  If I go back to slide 1 and then return to slide 2, the character will appear the second time.  During another session, this may not happen at all.  I've noticed it both when I upload to my web space as well as on the screencast site.

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