Images - Where do you get yours?

I am newer to the e-learning community and storyline.  The courses that we use are very text heavy and am looking to enhance them with images.  Any suggestions for good resources?  I am not looking to create my own images but would like a good resource of where people get images for the course they create.

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Steve Flowers

Depends a little on what I'm looking for. I build a lot of concept diagrams and visual "sentences", for these a good icon set or set of icon fonts is handy. These can be found in lots of places. I keep an eye on for packages at discounted prices. I'll usually find something to use a set item for.

I also like and the sister stores on the envato market. You'll need to keep an eye on the license type. Most of my purposes require an extended license.

There's quite a bit of stuff in the public domain that can be useful as well. The US National Archives posts a ton of stuff to Flickr and you'll find some images at wikimedia commons. Paired up with some decorative elements like stuff you'll find at, you can build some striking thematic compositions.