Immediate feedback not appearing in quiz

Oct 08, 2015

A colleague of mine created a quiz in Articulate and I posted it to our LMS this morning.

When we preview the quiz in Articulate, everything is working correctly. However, when users take the quiz in our LMS, the immediate feedback layer to show correct/incorrect isn't showing up. The quiz completes with the correct score at the end, but their immediate feedback just isn't showing up after each question.

I have combed over every option I can think of in Articulate and in our LMS and can't figure out what is causing this. Does anyone have any ideas?

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Tracy Parish

This might be a silly thing to check, but look on each of your questions and make sure the "feedback" is turned on.  The option can be turned off on any question and if you happened to do it on one and then duplicated the slide, but changed the text, it might have continued throughout.


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