Implementing course with a test-out option


I would like to create a Storyline course that contains both a pre- and post-assessment and operates as follows:

1. When user starts course, he is presented with a pre-assessment of 10 questions. A result is calculated.

If the user passes the preassessment, the course should end and report "complete" to the LMS.

2. If the user fails the preassessment, the user should advance to the course content.

3. After advancing through the course content, the user advances to a post-assessment of 10 questions.

If the user passes the post assessment, the course should end and report "complete" to the LMS, else user must retake the post-assessment.

Unfortunately, unless using the SCORM API, a course can only report one result to the LMS. Does anyone have a workaround for implementing a course that operates as I described given that only one result can be produced by the course?

Thanks in advance!

Andrew Gumperz

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Jennifer St. George

Hi Andrew,

Could you break it into 2 courses?  Have them start with the pre-test and if they test 'complete' then they are done.  If they test incomplete and don't complete the second course then they are out of compliance?  Not sure how you would manage that on the backend unless you have a system which could push the 2nd course to the learner automatically if they tested incomplete.

Does your LMS do something like that?

Andrew Gumperz

Hi Jennifer,

Thanks for the suggestion. After posting, I realized there is an obvious solution:

1. Make a question bank of 20 questions

2. Create a quiz by randomly selecting 10 of 20 questions

3. After starting course, user is first sent to quiz.

3. If user passes quiz, advance to final slide of course, exit course and report results to LMS.

4. If user fails quiz, advance to first slide of training materials

5. When user reaches last slide of training materials, return them to quiz.

6. Select a different random set of questions.

7. If user passes quiz, exit.

8. If user fails, repeat the training materials.

Brett Rockwood

There are a few ways you could deal with this. One way would be to create a separate end "quiz" that is used to report to the LMS. This "quiz" could be a T/F question that says "Please click here to register your completion" for the true answer while hiding the false answer choice from the user so they only see the one choice and can't answer incorrectly. Then have your first test-out quiz jump to this one if the user passes the test out. Do the same thing for your final quiz; take the user to this final "quiz."

Here's an example of the final "quiz."