Import / attach an .exe File

Apr 24, 2013

Hi, there are a couple of things in SL I need it to do, that it doesn't do yet so I am having to import an executable file from another program to get it to do this.  So, I need to trigger a button to open up this file.  When the file opens my client will be filling out text boxes that can be printed, then they will be instructed to close that file and continue on in Storyline.  This going out and back is going to occur seven (7) times in my project.  I read that I need to attach files that launch from SL to the resources tab.  I can do that--not a problem.  I do have other resource files that are just extra information for the user, and I don't want them to go to the resource tab to see the extra information and see all those executable files and get confused as to what to pull up for additional reference information.  Is there a way to put those files in the resources tab but not have them show up when the user clicks the tab and sees the listed files?

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Mike Enders


There's no way to make them "hide" in the tab.  However, if you really wanted them to be there in the course, you could launch them from a button within the course.  Simply add a button (or some such shape, or text box) and then add a trigger to jump to URL/File.  Click the "..." icon and select your file.  Now, when you publish, that file will get pulled in to your published output (and they won't appear in the resources tab).


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