Import Camtasia with Hot Spots

Feb 20, 2021


I want to import Camtasia videos into articulate. Is this possible? Can I edit them once they are imported?  Am I am able to import hot spots?

I need a training manual to go along with the simulated training. My thought is start in Snag it. Screenshot the process so that I get my step by step manual. 

Import into Camtasia. Possibly add hot spots there if they import into storyline? 

Or import into Articulate right away. 

This would save me time not having to record twice and be able to edit later is my thought. 


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Sally Wiedenbeck

The two ways to put camtasia files within storyline would be to import the video file, or to insert as web object.

Video file - to import as video file, you will need to publish as an mp4 from camtasia, which does not include the hotspots. In SL, you can edit a video file only very minimally - trimming, adding captions (though this is easier in camtasia), cropping.

Web object - if you publish for web with built-in player from camtasia, this will include camtasia hotspots. However, this then needs to be hosted on a web server to be inserted as a web object (like you would insert a youtube video) within Storyline, and can't be edited or previewed within SL at all.

One option is to create the videos in camtasia, and cut the videos for exporting at the points where you want to add interaction - so you end up with the mp4 video part 1 inserted to a slide in Storyline, then you add the interaction within SL, then you have the mp4 of video part 2 on another layer or slide in SL.