Import Engage or Quizmaker into Storyline

After recently discovering that the newest version of Storyline will not import content from the newest versions of Presenter (Engage or Quizmaker), I was wondering if there will be a way to be notified once this capability is functional, AND, can older versions of Articulate Presenter (Engage or Quizmaker) be imported into the newest version of Storyline. I have found that both programs are very useful to building a successful presentation, and it is unfortunate that i currently cannot import this content. (even though the option is there). 

I love these programs, and i love what they do for online learning formats, and this would greatly enhance the Storyline experience.

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Nick Kaslly

I do not believe that is possible, seeing as i only want to add just the quiz portion of a presentation made in quizmaker. I do have an older version of presenter, and the newer version of Storyline, and i was told that the older version of both had the capability of importing from one to the other.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Nick,

Yes, you can still import Studio 09 content into Storyline update 4. We're working on a future release of Storyline that will allow for Studio 13 content to be imported, but I think the method Gerry is describing would work mostly for any Engage 13 files you have, and can publish to a web server. You could then insert those as a normal web object, bypassing the "traditional" import. I wouldn't recommend it for Quizmaker for tracking purposes - but depending on where the Quiz is hosted, and if user's are still going to receive a prompt to log in, it may work.