import existing Engage glossary - as a tab - into SL

I successfully imported an Engage interaction into SL so that appears on a particular slide - works great!

Now, I'd like to import a lengthy Engage glossary - so I don't have to recreate it - but as a link - so it's available at any time during the course as opposed to just on a particular slide.

any ideas?



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Kevin Thorn

Hey Connie,

It's quite simple. 

  1. Publish your Engage Glossary out to Web so you'll get an html output package.
  2. FTP that to a WebServer and get the published URL
  3. In Storyline Player Properties > Features > Add a new menu tab deselect the current "Glossary."
  4. Add a new menu tab and name it anything you want. You can also name it "Glossary" but be sure you know which is which.
  5. Double-click or Edit that new menu tab.
  6. Add a trigger: Jump To URL/File when user clicks - put the above url here.
  7. Save

Options: You can either set the above to open as a Lightbox or as a new browser window. I like these as Lightboxes as the material remains within the course. 

Note: If you're running your course through an LMS, check with your LMS admin to ensure the location of the published Glossary will be accessible. 

Keep in mind this won't work while Storyline is in preview mode. You'll have to do a full publish and FTP to a server to test.