Import Google Chart (JS) into Storyline

I'm wondering  if it's possible to import/embed a Google chart  into storyline. It's in javascript, so I created an Execute JavaScript trigger then pasted the chart javascript there. But when  I  published, nothing happens. Am I missing a step?

Here's the js I tried to bring in:

google.charts.load('current', {'packages':['corechart']});

function drawSeriesChart() {

var data = google.visualization.arrayToDataTable([
['ID', 'Life Expectancy', 'Fertility Rate', 'Region', 'Population'],
['CAN', 80.66, 1.67, 'North America', 33739900],
['DEU', 79.84, 1.36, 'Europe', 81902307],
['DNK', 78.6, 1.84, 'Europe', 5523095],
['EGY', 72.73, 2.78, 'Middle East', 79716203],
['GBR', 80.05, 2, 'Europe', 61801570],
['IRN', 72.49, 1.7, 'Middle East', 73137148],
['IRQ', 68.09, 4.77, 'Middle East', 31090763],
['ISR', 81.55, 2.96, 'Middle East', 7485600],
['RUS', 68.6, 1.54, 'Europe', 141850000],
['USA', 78.09, 2.05, 'North America', 307007000]

var options = {
title: 'Correlation between life expectancy, fertility rate ' +
'and population of some world countries (2010)',
hAxis: {title: 'Life Expectancy'},
vAxis: {title: 'Fertility Rate'},
bubble: {textStyle: {fontSize: 11}}

var chart = new google.visualization.BubbleChart(document.getElementById('series_chart_div'));
chart.draw(data, options);

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Steve -- Thanks so much for your question! As you may already be aware, we are not able to provide support for JavaScript or related questions, but I see that Brian has already stopped in with an idea you can try! Hope that does the trick, and in case you'd like to check it out, here is our  JavaScript Best Practices and Examples, as well.